About Us

The Site Autos Novos was created with the main mission of providing quality content for its readers,  about the latest happenings in the automotive world, thus bringing the information first hand.

Every day we post on our site from news, launches to future projections always keeping our readers well informed, all this for more than 7 years on the air. Besides our website, we have a YouTube channel with more than 5 million views, thus making our content much more interactive.

New Cars Team

Cleyton Negri  –  Director/Editor

Cleyton is passionate about the automotive world and is the main participant of the Autos Novos project, where he has been the director/editor since 2013. Graduating in Information Technology and creator of several internet projects.

Flavio Baptista –  Editor-in-Chief

Flavio has a vast experience in the automotive world is graduating in advertising from Positivo University in Curitiba. He has found blogs to be an excellent communication tool, seeking to share his opinions, exercise his knowledge, and learn more and more about the Web. He is one of the  main editors of the Autos Novos website.

Lenira Evaristo –  Editora

Graduated in Languages, she has had public-oriented experience. He likes challenges, and has been interested in the online world for some time now. He participates in the content editing of several blogs and plays a fundamental role in the editing of the site’s articles.

 Assistant Editors 

  • Igor Souza
  • Mariana de Oliveira Machado
  • Carlos Eduardo dos Santos
  • Julio Queiroz Mattos da Silva


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